A wrecked 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe found crashed in Arizona

We have seen the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe in a variety of colors and settings but the image on the right is our first glimpse of what the C7 looks like when it has been crashed into a stone wall.

This image comes to us via the enthusiast community DigitalCorvettes.com where member gpetry posted the picture of a metallic blue 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe precariously slammed against a large rock wall. The email came from a friend in Arizona who was driving along a twisty stretch of road when he came upon the blue C7 Stingray battered and beaten in the ditch. That friend explained that the 2014 Corvette had apparently hit the guardrail on the left side before bouncing back across the road into the ditch and against the rock wall. The person who caught this picture also stated that the damage was worse than it looks in the image.


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Rather confusing write-up, Patrick. I doubt that a GM test driver would leave the scene, and, there is usually a chase vehicle in attendance. No manufacturer would crash test on public roads. Crash testing is a very controlled in a laboratory setting, with all metrics carefully structured and monitored. My guess is, that the photo is shopped, the situation was created and exists only on a computer.
Howdy Tre, My apologies for being confusing. You are right that this seems like a very unusual circumstance and this very well could be a photoshopped image...however, it would certainly be an amazing piece of work. If this image was created, the artist has really done a masterful job with no real indications of it being faked. It would have been time consuming and with no real source of the image - the artist responsible would have spent that time with no benefit of his or her own. Although it is still most certainly a possibility. As for the crash testing, you are right that it is unlikely and you are right that the most official crash tests are conducted in very controlled environments...but that was one of the possibilities floating around online so I mentioned it. I truly believe that this was a either a test session gone wrong or some GM brass was out showing off the new Corvette and things got out of hand. Perhaps someone who shouldnt have been out tearing up the roads with the new Stingray lost control, called the cops and called for a ride so that he or she was out of there before anyone could point fingers. GM has no comment because it is an embarrassing situation in any case. Thanks for reading!
Good response, Patrick. People spend a hell of a lot of time making phantom images. The English are noted for their substance-less images foisted onto there readers. Thanks for the cogent response, Patrick....Tre
Ive met a few incredibly skilled photoshop artists who could fabricate just about anything. You want a Corvette Convertible Pickup with a camper cap? They could do it and it would look like a picture that was taken by a professional photographer. However, those guys and girls loved to put their name to their work (as most artists do) so if this is an elaborate rendering, I wouldnt be surprised if the person comes forward to claim their glory for all of the discussions that their "wrecked Corvette" created. One thing that this image has going for it is that prior to the crash photo showing up online, there were spyshots captured of a Laguna Blue Stingray testing in that area. That shows that there were cars like the one shown being tested in that area but at the same time - it may have given the artist in question that idea of creating the image shown above. Then again, Ive had one conspiracy theorist suggest that GM had a professional driver plant this car in the ditch and leave it there for a while to make sure that pictures ended up on the internet. It created a whole new week of Corvette news and discussions!