2014 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Hyundai Genesis Coupe Follows BMW Z3's Precedence

Recent news indicates that Hyundai will be dropping the 2,0 ltr engine in favor of a 3.8 lt unit in the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, effectively moving the car from an entry level to a more premium position in the market. There is a precedent to this.

In 2002 BMW introduced the Z4, initially with straight six cylinder engines 2,5 and 3,0 lt to replace the Z3 model, which remained available with a 4 cylinder engine until end of production.

When the Z3 was introduced in September 1995, it was the first vehicle built in the Spartanburg, SC plant. The BMW Z3 was fitted with a 4 Cylinder 1,8 lt engine. The vehicle's target market segment was Mazda Miata (MX5), introduced in 1989. The Miata, being a reload of the Lotus Elan, was based on a British heritage of small agile and fun to drive roadsters.


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Good article. Great comparison, even though the vehicles are different in terms of class. One being a roadster, the other a traditional coupe. Right now, it is just speculation on the engine size. Could be a 3.2 L, 3.3 L, or even a 5.0 L.
Hi Evan, Peter tried to post a reply, but for some reason it didn't go through and he sent me his reply to post here. Here is Peter in his own words. "Historically speaking most cabriolets have preceeded coupe versions. The Aisian OEMs do not generally offer cabriolets in their line up. In the current situation where OEMs offer increasing numbers of derivatives using a mainly common basket of parts and architecture both coupes and cabriolets serve as 'brand shapers intended to create an iconic glow which should radiate on other more mundane models in the line up." Regards Peter