The 2012 Infiniti M Hybrid from the YouTube video...

Infiniti M Hybrid claims crown as fastest accelerating hybrid

In a staged demonstration test, verified by the Guinness World Records last August, the Infiniti M Hybrid apparently outruns a Porsche Panamera Hybrid by a least a length and a half on an Infiniti channel YouTube video.

Infiniti sales have slackened recently and Infiniti may be hoping to fire up some interest via their YouTube channel. This one had racked up just under 40K views when we looked, noticing another titled Infiniti’s Range-Extended Sport Car concept (more on that later).

The 2012 Infiniti M Hybrid is a fairly typical looking (at least externally) sports sedan featuring a 3.5-liter V6 couple to a lithium-ion battery and 50 kW electric motor together referred to as Infiniti Direct Response Hybrid drive. The combined gas and electric motors produce the equivalent of 360 horsepower while still delivering a combined 32-mpg fuel economy. Chances are the more you drive it like a sports car or a hybrid affects efficiency to one degree or another.

The combustions engine features dual overhead cams, 24 valves finely polished camshafts, steel intake and exhaust valves plus a Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control System optimizing the function of intake and exhaust valves.

As a hybrid, it takes advantage of an electronically controlled 7-speed automatic with Adaptive Shift Control, a embedded learning system measures driving style, adjusting automatic shifts to monitored driving habits. Sequential shifting is allowed in the manual mode.


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