Wateman's German bought 2011 BMW M3 convertible. Photo © 2012 Don Bain

Five ways buying a BMW in Germany may work for you

European delivery programs have been around a long time and are available from most Euro automakers with mixed records of the experience. We recently talked with one man who shared five ways buying your BMW in Germany may work for you as well as it did for him.

Cameron Wateman, as we shall refer to him for this report, is not your average Joe, but he may represent the average buyer of the 2011 BMW M3 convertible he picked up in Munich last year.

He’s a mature, successful businessman with a lovely home in an exclusive suburb of Denver. He has two grown children and has entered the empty nest stage of life. He is a frequent international traveler thanks to his profession and had never bought a new car before in his life.

The First Way is Price
He’d heard about the European delivery programs for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volvo and even Porsche so his first motivation was saving money.

“The great thing about it was you should save enough money to pay for the trip,” Wateman said. “I’d have to call the dealer to confirm it, but I think they have to pay for the car before they even begin to build it. Of course, they finance it for you, so I didn’t have to write a check for the value of the car.”

He put 30 percent of the value down and financed the balance though BMW. This model is about $70K and has only a couple of available options. Basically, the standard model comes more or less loaded.

“The same car if I bought it here would cost $15,000 more,” he said.

The remaining balance was arranged in a two-year note at 2.4 percent interest, an excellent rate any way you slice it.

Second is Travel
Wateman was going to Munich on business anyway, so it worked out better for him than it might for others, but the big bonus is you can drive your car in Europe for a month with BMW picking up the insurance tab. He went immediately to Innsbruck to ski.


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