Open recalls have caused vehicle fires, major accidents and even death. Finding

CARFAX reveals shocking truth about ignored recalls

A new Carfax study has revealed over 2.7 million used cars with ignored auto recall issues are currently endangering the safety of commuters nationwide, reflecting the number of manufacturer mandated repairs simply not completed during 2011.

By simply plugging “recall” into the Torque News search box, articles were found reporting over 1 million cars recalled between January and April this year for safety issues by brands as diverse as Ford, GM, Honda, Kia, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota.

Many of these were simply posted for sale online without the safety issues addressed. Caveat emptor! Those buying or selling cars can enhance public safety by simply making sure recalled safety problems have been repaired by franchise dealers. After all, recall repairs are free and it’s not hard to find the open recall for a specific vehicle.

Of course, the problem with recalls is they take up time in your busy life, take away your transportation briefly, and thus leave your obligations unattended without a rented or borrowed vehicle – and all because of something that’s not your fault. Obviously, if you’ve planned to sell, it’s easier to leave the hassle to the next owner, but since you don’t want to obstruct the deal, it goes unmentioned.

The CARFAX discovery is not surprising – it's just shocking to perceive the size of the problem


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