Governor Mary Fallin addresses the CNG meeting. Photo courtesy of Gov. office

Automakers converge in Oklahoma discussing Governors' CNG RFP

Representatives of America's automakers, including the Big Three, met yesterday with Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and knowledgeable procurement authorities to discuss aspects of the multi-state Request for Proposal (RFP) submitted last month.

The RFP resulted from a national, bi-partisan outreach led by Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, beseeching auto manufacturers to provide affordable, functional vehicles consuming compressed natural gas (CNG) for state automobile fleets.

The RFP was reported by Torque News last month.

As of this month, 22 states have agreed to participate in the RFP, confirming their interest in purchasing CNG vehicles for use in their states.

With an estimated 123,000 CNG vehicles on the nation’s roads and 1,000 fueling stations, the Governors are hoping this expression of interest and intent will overcome current obstacles, notably limited refueling availability and consumer demand, that is preventing automakers from producing more CNG vehicles.

"The objective behind our efforts is simple," Gov. Fallin said. "We want auto manufacturers to know states mean business and are strongly committed to the use of CNG vehicles in state fleets so more vehicles can become available to consumers."


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