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About CAFE requirements and the associated controversy

Will the present administration’s insistence that cars become more fuel-efficient put brands like Lincoln and Cadillac out of business? If it does it will be their own fault. No one is telling them what they can sell in China, where Rolls Royce, Bentley, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are doing just fine.

Pundits at Forbes and Property Mentor Group would have you believe this governmental interference in the “free market” is some giant albatross around society’s neck.

Meanwhile, luxury brands, previously well on their way to oblivion, have been given new life by the burgeoning Chinese Market. Are there any stipulations in the new CAFE requirements on what we build or sell overseas?

Further, there simply is no such thing as a free market – whenever this flag is raised the consequence is open season on the American consumer. if not the world at large. It is a license for the rich to manipulate the marketplace – for without some sort of limited regulation, they do so with abandon.

Woolworth, in the early days of corporate chain stores, gained prominence by burning out his competition. This was in my history books in school. I bet you dollars to doughnuts it hasn’t been taught for years.

The general scuttlebutt during my youth was the Kennedy’s made their fortune running rum during Prohibition. Out of the early captains of capitalism, John D. Rockefeller and Walter P. Chrysler stand out as men who succeeded the American way, taking advantage of their innate gifts and focusing upon their goals to fruition.


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