Porsche Macan S

Porsche Is Counting on Macan for Sales Boost in 2014

Porsche is seeing a growth in jobs connected with the Macan, and is expecting additional increases in sales, as well.

Volkswagen Groups says that not only have they seen an increase in deliveries, revenue and operating profit in the first three months of 2014, they expect to continue to see positive developments in profit as the year continues.

Deliveries were up 4.5% at 38,663; revenue increased by one-fifth, registering 3.93 billion euro; and operating profit increased, as well, during the first quarter of the fiscal year, growing to 698 million euro—an increase of 22%. Additionally, employment by Porsche rose, exceeding 20,000 employees in February. Just three years ago, the number of employees at Porsche was around 13,000.


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Porsche design and management continues to wander off the path of its 911 roots. The sports-crossover, 2&4 door production sport based segment is a crowded one. Near past history reveals a corporate battle between divisions. It will be interesting to see how well the Macan sells in the U.S., a relatively small market for the European giant Volkswagen. The Porsche mystique has dissipated a bit under Volkswagen ownership.
sounds like they will just keep growing :) w/increasing employees and higher sales, even w/the expenditures of ''growing pains'', sounds like they have a good handle and are realistic. good company.