Rumored 200-mile EV confirmed to be on the way for 2016 – but who will make it?

The Korean battery maker LG Chem has announced that it will supply the battery for a 200-mile electric vehicle in 2016. Which automaker signed the contract?

Automakers are well aware of the range limitations of their battery electric vehicles. Tesla remains the only company to mass produce an EV with an EPA-rated range above 103 miles, and the price point of Model S places it beyond the reach of the masses.

We now have confirmation, however, that at least one automaker has made significant strides in boosting range. LG Chem CFO Cho Suk-jeh told Reuters last week that his company will supply the battery for a 200-mile electric vehicle in 2016, without disclosing the automotive partner in the agreement.

The all-important 200 mile barrier

It is no secret that car companies are targeting an electric vehicle with 200 miles of range and an attainable MSRP. Former GM CEO Dan Akerson was quite bold in proclaiming a future 200-mile EV from General Motors to fight the Tesla Model III, which will manage 200 miles on a charge and start in the mid-$30,000 range.


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The only "serious" candidates are GM, Tesla, Nissan and Toyota. Nissan makes their own batteries with their own cells. Tesla seems committed to it award winning packs and is planning a "Gigga factory". Toyota seems to be working on a solid state lithium battery of their own manufacture. So I'm going to go with GM and their long rumored 200 mile EV. If memory serves me correctly it will come from the same factory as the Volt.
GM's previous claim of a 200mi Volt was based on the Envia vaporware. Given how anemically they have supported their only pure EV (the Spark ), I can't imagine GM being fully committed to a larger pure EV.
You left out Infiniti. Nissan has made it clear that Infiniti will be producing a luxury EV in the very near future and it's only a best guess that it will use Nissan's batteries, since the company has been going independent on a lot of things lately.
Excellent point, Aaron. I may have to make a note of that in the article.
Mercedes has announced its B Class Electric SUV coming Fall 2014 will use Tesla batteries. There is talk that Tesla will let Mercedes customers use its nationwide charging stations as well...currently a free service. Here in Nevada, Tesla is testing a site for its battery plant, along with a few other states. I think VW will make its own batteries for the e-Golf.
This is all exciting news. Need a 120 mile range plus to loose the range anxiety.