VW Scirocco R Sport Coupe

Why is Volkswagen Refusing to Sell its Fun to Drive and Fast Scirocco R Sport Coupe in the USA?

Many auto brands know that there is nothing like a high performance, well styled, be-spoilered halo model to sit atop their model line-ups even if they don’t sell in huge numbers volume wise. Evidence of this can be seen in industry legends like the Subaru WRX, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Hyundai Genesis Sport Coupe R all the way up to the Ford Mustang, Chevy Corvette or anything that is fast and utterly lacking in visual subtlety.

You want to know what is wrong with current Volkswagen Golf R model standing atop the North American line-up of this German based automaker? Well, first off besides a pair of sportier looking exhausts at the back, subtle R- badging and minimal body cladding you can’t really tell it apart from a cooking grade GTI or Heaven forbid - a diesel Golf. That’s not usually the reserved image someone wants from a model that starts at over $34,000 (almost s$10,000 more than a GTI) and then still asks the buyer to stump up for optional navigation and power moonroof.

But this is not so much about the Volkswagen R’s pricing but that model’s overall emotional appeal as well. For 2015 Volkswagen is going to give the Golf R some more fireworks by upping power to nearly 300 horsepower which should prove quite entertaining with that car’s standard 4-Motion full time all-wheel drive system. But then, wouldn’t it be a whole lot more appealing to someone looking for a sporty, fun to drive, yes we will call at an “adult toy” car if Volkswagen also offered this good-looking Scirocco R sport coupe alongside it for those who needn’t be bothered with issues of practicality?


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I drove this car in Napa in August. It should so be in the US market. It's a hoot.