GM wins Top Automotive Innovator ranking for fourth consecutive quarter

GM wins Top Automotive Innovator ranking for fourth consecutive quarter

General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) remains the No. 1 innovator for the fourth-consecutive quarter among 183 companies ranked by The Patent Board in its quarterly automotive and transportation industry scorecard.

This is by far not the first time this auto technology writer has reported that General Motor’s Company (NYSE: GM), the very same company that was bankrupt just a few short years ago, has once again won the prestigious Top Automotive Innovator as ranked by The Patent Board.

Read the article from the Sept. 2011 report: Patent Board ranks GM No. 1 for auto innovation.

The only difference this time for GM is that this award makes it four quarters in a row; quite an accomplishment for any company. That means, for the fourth consecutive quarter, GM has ranked the top dog among its many peer companies when compared to patents applied for and issued.

All together, GM was granted 1,123 U.S. patents in 2011 applied to global product engineering, global powertrain engineering, global research and development and OnStar organizations.

The reference image shown via GM media has Meng Jiang, a GM researcher in Warren, Michigan preparing to look at lithium ion battery components through a microscope that is housed in an argon gas filled "glove box". The lithium ion battery components are sensitive to oxygen and humidity.

For the record, The Patent Board is the leading independent provider of best practices research tools and metrics for patent analysis and intellectual property investment. It tracks and analyzes innovation and patents across 17 industries on a global basis.

Among recent technology patents:


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