The theme was Go Wireless at the Delphi charging station at SAE World Congress

Delphi Go Wireless EV charger in full regalia at SAE World Congress

Last week’s SAE World Congress 2012 brought us a good surprise: the Go Wireless charging system by Delphi.

No need for Delphi fans to wait for EVS26, the Electric vehicle Symposium in Los Angeles that starts on May 6 and runs trough the 9th. Delphi has already shown its wares at the SAE World Congress 2012 in Detroit,

Delphi has developed a Wireless Charging System that will automatically transfer power to a vehicle providing a convenient, wireless energy transfer system. According to the website, the system was developed in cooperation with WiTricity Corp., a wireless energy transfer technology provider. It will enable an electric vehicle's battery to be recharged without the hassle of cords or connections.

This is hands-free charging technology, folks. It is based on highly resonant magnetic coupling which transfers electric power over short distances without physical contact, allowing for safer and more convenient charging options for consumer and commercial electric vehicles.

Also according to the company website, the wireless technology is described as a product differentiator for advanced technology vehicles. The high efficiency wireless energy transfer technology will require no plugs or charging cords. Instead, a magnetic field from a source resonator on the ground is aligned with a capture resonator mounted underneath a vehicle. While some systems require a close proximity, the Delphi system allows for a maximum distance of 30 centimeters, as per my discussion with Delphi personnel at SAE.


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