Team Steam USA will use molds from Speed Demon as basis for LSR vehicle

Cyclone Team USA chooses Speed Demon for Steam LSR attempt

What happens when Bonneville champions like George Poteet and Ron Main join forces with Cyclone Technologies?

Cyclone Power Technologies (OTCQB: CYPW) developer of the clean-tech Cyclone Engine, announced today that its performance division Team Steam USA has joined forces with Bonneville champions George Poteet and Ronald Main, including securing use of the construction molds for their state-of-the-art streamliner Speed Demon.

Cyclone believes that this alliance will help expedite vehicle construction and greatly enhance the Company's chances to claim the title of world's fastest steam car. The vehicle will be powered by an advanced Cyclone Engine which, unlike all previous steam record attempts, can one day be placed in modern clean-emission, all-fuel production cars and trucks.

According to the news release, the Poteet & Main Speed Demon has already achieved speeds at Bonneville in excess of 462 mph using a twin-turbo, V8 engine. Due in part to its in-line front wheels, the streamliner boasts a remarkably advanced aerodynamic design which greatly reduces wind drag.

With the Cyclone Engine as its power plant, Team Steam USA believes it can readily exceed the current international FIA speed record of 148 mph for steam powered vehicles set by the British in 2009, possibly approaching speeds of 200 mph.

For the record, the Cyclone team has already been invited by NASA to run its vehicle at the Kennedy Space Center, only miles from where the original steam record was set in 1906, prior to heading to Bonneville.


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