Passat Alltrack

VW Jetta Alltrack heading to U.S. in 2015

Volkswagen appears to be getting ready to introduce a Jetta Alltrack for the North American market.

In a report by Auto Car, it appears that Volkswagen is planning on introducing a new Jetta Alltrack crossover in North America, and a Volkswagen Golf variant for the European market. This new crossover will be similar to the Passat Alltrack featured in the photo that made its debut in New York earlier this year. According to the report, the new Jetta Alltrack would be available in North American showrooms in 2015.

Features on both models will include a raised ride height, wheel fender trim, distinctive front and rear bumper styling and extra black plastic wheel arch cladding. The cars will also feature one of a kind interior trims, have unique light graphics added and other extras to differentiate the new model.

Why is Volkswagen introducing a new wagon?

Volkswagens goal for the new Jetta Alltrack is to create a more rugged variant than its more economical counterpart. The Jetta Alltrack will not only be rugged in appearance but performance also. The new Volkswagen crossover will give the German company a larger platform option for the already popular Jetta.


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Anything farther out than next year is fantasy. Vaporware. Pick a description. Such anouncements as this are in fact, meaningless. What is the point? Will someone wait to purchase a car for 3-5 years? No. So what is the point of the announcement? I think it is fact counterproductive. All they are doing is trumpeting to their competitors what there intentions are. If in fact those are their intentions. Or is is just a ploy to try and weaken their competitors by tricking them into spending resources to 'keep up with the joneses'? But that would tactic is sure to backfire, as if in fact one of their competitors DO start to produce a competeing product. Then This company would be compeled to produce what was just and idea. Then VW would be the one scrambling to keep up. No. Any product announcement farther out than 1 year, (better 6 months), is not targeted toward potential customers.
This potential buyer is very happy to have an idea of what may be coming down the line. The Passet Alltrack currently available inEuro would make me very happy! TDI, manual tranny, AWD (more for towing than off road), station wagon, gotta love it.
Newsflash VW et al - American consumer here anxiously awaiting a 4 cylinder turbo diesel all-track. GLK gets my $ soon if you don't step up...!
I'm looking forward to the Alltrack tdi wagon. I think VW will be surprised how well this vehicle sells in the USA.
My dream car would be a Jetta Sportwagon/Variant with TDI!! Subaru would have some serious competition if they keep the price reasonable