How you can win a 2015 Mercedes GLA-Class for a dream road trip

How you can win a 2015 Mercedes GLA-Class for a dream road trip

Mercedes-Benz has a contest to win a 2015 GLA-Class for a dream road trip. What do you need to do to win?

Mercedes-Benz is at it again and is using social media to attract new millennial buyers to the new 2015 Mercedes GLA-Class. They have created a new vehicle in the luxury compact SUV segment with the GLA-Class. It’s getting ready to make its dealer launch and Mercedes is using Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to attract a new younger buyer to the brand. It’s working in a big way with the CLA-Class, and it will likely work with the GLA.

What’s the contest about?

Mercedes has solicited the help from artists to athletes who are showing what gear they would pack into the all-new GLA for a dream road trip. They want contestants to use the GLA compact luxury SUV as a blank canvas and ask them to imagine how they would fill it with gear for a road trip. Using the footprint of the GLA's cargo space, you will show them how to make your mark.

GLA is the canvas

The plan is for Mercedes to show a young active generation that you can pack lots of cargo into the GLA. The idea is for you to show how you would pack the GLA for a dream road trip. If your inventory best captures the multi-dimensional spirit of GLA, you could be going on a luxurious adventure this September.

How does the contest work?


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I need a car bad.
Biking around the city is getting old.. even more so 4 years in.. boy I could use a sweet Mercedes! Its dangerous out there nobody looks right! Lol