2014 LEVORG sport tourer

How will sporty LEVORG the WRX replacement be received in Europe?

Subaru is replacing the 2015 WRX in Europe with the new 2014 LEVORG performance sport wagon. How will it be received?

Can Subaru really be successful by replacing the next-gen WRX performance car in Europe with a wagon? The new LEVORG performance wagon was just unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show 2013 and it will headed to Europe. We reported here earlier this week that it will likely replace the 2015 WRX in Japan and Europe. Why is Subaru deciding to do this?

According to a report by Motoring.com.au in Australia, Subaru execs felt that the brand needed an injection of something completely different in the European market and because Europeans love their wagons, the LEVORG is that car. Wagons account for more than 25 percent of of compact sales in Europe and Subaru wants to take advantage of the competitive segment.

Europe loves their wagons

Europe has always been known to have the fastest wagons on the planet with the Audi RS4, BMW M5 and 2014 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. The new LEVORG won’t compete with the big boys, but it will be competitive with the VW Jetta sport wagon, Toyota Auris and Honda Civic Tourer.


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Why can't this come to north america! I love my WRX hatch and would never even consider a sedan version....but this car makes me want to sign on the dotted line. Shame on subaru for ditching the wrx hatch....shame.