CUE and iPAD

Will new CUE system in the 2013 Cadillac XTS please or frustrate

Every new 2013 Cadillac XTS will come with an iPAD to augment the customer user experience, but lacks a nephew to operate it

Define the demographic of the average Cadillac XTS buyer. Keep in mind this Cadillac is not the hot-shoe CTS-V coupe designed for affluent muscle car buyers. Nor is it the new ATS compact sedan designed to go head to head with brainy BMW 3-series shoppers. No, this Cadillac is the huge one with front wheel drive. Cadillac wants this car to be rear-wheel drive, but the platform for that won’t be ready until 2015 or later. This Cadillac seems to be the one the older shopper might choose for luxury and comfort. Will that buyer be excited to see that to use their new car they need to use an iPAD? The recent Ford MyFord Touch experience trying too much technology too fast proved frustrating even for the tech savvy demographic it wisely launched its system to in its hip and inexpensive sub-compact cars.


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