2015 Toyota Camry

Toyota's Confirmation of Camry Changes in 2015 and Our Updated Predictions

Toyota's group Vice President confirms that the 2015 model year will be a year of change for the Camry. Based on his comments, here are our updated predictions for the America’s number one selling car.

We at Torque News have been speculating since the formal details of the 2014 Toyota Camry were released that 2015 would be a year of change for the model. Back in the middle of October we wrote a story asking “Is This Car the 2015 Toyota Camry?” Our story came with a photo showing the Toyota NS4 plug-in concept car. We have since followed up with stories suggesting that the next redesign of the Camry might feature a turbocharged four cylinder engine and a possibly a CVT transmission, like the new Corolla has just received. Readers responded at TN and on chat room forums that I was crazy, and that Toyota has a rigid 6-year model redesign cycle. This week Bill Fay, Toyota’s group Vice President, confirmed in an interview that indeed changes are coming to the Camry in 2015.

Mr. Fay would be in big trouble if he detailed a coming model while still two years away. However, he did make it clear that the 2015 Camry will be different. Speaking to Bloomberg in an interview he said about the 2015 Camry “It’s safe to say we’ll be doing something with it. We’ll be paying significant attention to Camry next year.” Going further Fay said “We’ll make some effort through the collective team to keep it No. 1 next year.” If anyone is looking for more confirmation that that Camry will be changed in 2015 they will have to wait at least until the auto show season begins in fall of 2014.


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In my opinion this new 2015 Camry is much more good looking than what we have seen before. Although Camry is a great car and despite boring look it has proven itself in the past two decades.
Don't forget they need to fix the small offset crash results.
Indeed. I really slammed the RAV 4 for that in one story. Good news for Camry buyers is that the Camry has been fixed and now rated "acceptable." Updated story on that in the Toyota Tab. Thanks for commenting.
Is the picture shown an early example of TNGA due in the 2015 Prius, a fuel cell prototype or just a future styling preview? Any way it is killer.
All I know about it is that Toyota showed it as "The NS4 Plug-in Hybrid Concept." The FCV is a different car and I have posted a picture of that here under the Toyota Tab. Thanks for reading. I like the look too.
I hope that back up camera will be standard on all trims of camry 2015,
I think that will be the case Chris. Toyota recently announced that all 2014.5 (2014 and a half) model year Camrys will have the camera. http://www.torquenews.com/1083/toyota-increases-2014-camry-prices