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New report has surprising facts about new car safety features

A report released this week by HLDI shows that some popular safety don’t work, while some simpler ones are very effective. Some systems actually showed an increase in accidents.

No new car demonstration or marketing piece would be complete without an emphasis on the newest driver aids to help prevent crashes. Generally, the safety systems seem to address a problem that is easy to understand and one that we can all agree might need to be addressed. For example, many manufacturers now offer systems that will alert a driver to an impending frontal crash. Some will even take over and apply the brakes if the driver does not react. The problem is easy to envision and the way the system might protect us is clear. On the contrary, many new vehicles offer lane drift and blind-spot protection. These systems claim that they will keep us from drifting dangerously into another lane or off the road altogether. They also seem to hint that this is a problem that needs to be addressed. A new study done by the Highway Loss Data Institute (sister group to the IIHS) has now determined what new systems work and which do not.


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