Lexus turns up the heat with new RC 350 F Sport coupe

The circle is now complete with the RC 350 receiving the F Sport treatment that it so rightly deserves.

The Lexus RC 350 F Sport will debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show on March 4rth. We predict that the dynamically styled new coupe will sell very well in the F Sport configuration based on the very high take-rate of F Sport IS 350s Lexus has reported. At Lexus, F Sport treatment of a car means more aggressive rims and tires, front end look, and an overall more sporty appearance.

This new addition to the lineup will make it hard for customers considering the RC F. Having driven the current generation IS 350 and the current IS F we know that on public roads there is not really that much more usable power in the V8 by comparison to the 314 horsepower 3.5 liter V6 the RC 350 F Sport will have. With the RC 350 F Sport style treatment it may very well be the sweet spot in the Lexus line.

Is suddenly all about sports sedans and coupes after long being a sleeper in the segment formerly dominated by BMW’s 3 Series vehicles. We say formerly because Lexus’ IS series sales have simply leapt since the new car was introduced last year. With many more luxury sports coupes coming to market Lexus is about to make a real run at leading in the segment.

In a related announcement, Lexus is planning to reveal its GT3 race car based on the RC F. That Lexus is choosing to mix it up on the track with these vehicles means that it is planning to do track development on its new sports coupes. That can only mean more refinement and durability for the passenger cars these race cars represent.


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