Tundra beats Ford F-150

Retained value of Toyota's Tundra & Tacoma beat Ford F-150, Silverado, Ram

According to Edmunds, the Tundra and Tacoma have a better long-term value than any other pickups in their respective classes. Edmunds is not alone in this finding.

Although the 2014 Toyota Tundra does not sell at the same rate the 2014 Ford F-150 does, it does retain its value better according to Edmunds. The Tundra is approaching the other players’ sales volumes in the marketplace in terms of the types of trucks it makes, but that is because Toyota does not make heavy duty trucks. Still for, small business owners and homeowners, the Toyota pickups may be the best value.

Toyota Value Ahead After 5 Years of Ownership
Edmunds looked at the depreciation and retained value of trucks after 5 years. Edmunds’ Director of Remarketing Joe Spina explained why, saying "For many shoppers, the long-term value of a car is one of the biggest deciding factors when they're comparing brands and models. Edmunds' Best Retained Value Awards make it easier for shoppers to identify the best return on their purchase if and when they decide to sell it down the road." The Tundra was the highest rated pickup in its class, the Large Truck category, and the Tacoma was the highest rated in the Compact Truck category. It may be time for Edmunds to update those names, but it does not change the findings.


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