2014 Toyota Highlander 4 New Features

The 4 main reasons fans will love the 2014 Toyota Highlander

Here are the 4 main things that make the 2014 Toyota Highlander even better than the previous generation besides the obvious.

Loyal Toyota buyers already know what makes the brand and the Highlander special. Currently, the 2013 Highlander is on dealer lots with huge incentive packages for those that want to get a great deal on last-year’s design. The 2014s are also starting to arrive now and for those that wonder what the biggest reason is to get the new model we have broken down the top four new features from top to bottom. There is much to love about the Highlander we won’t cover here, so feel free to look back at some of our previous stories for more details.

2014 Highlander Improvement - 8 Passenger Capability
Those who want to carry eight no longer need a maxivan. The 2014 Highlander now has 3-across rear seating. This is important for the obvious reason that it allows for one extra soccer player to join the carpool, but also because it now means that the second row can become more interesting. That is our number two reason the new 2014 Highlander beats the previous generation.

2014 Highlander Improvement – Second Row Captains’ Chairs
The new Highlander can also come equipped as a 7 passenger vehicle with the second row being large, comfortable captains’’ chairs. Those with leggy teens may want to look closely at this option. In a family of four those center row seats are now very comfortable and large enough in between for occasional third-row passengers to access the back easily. Very easily. Please note that the 8-passenger and second row captains’ chair options cannot co-exist. You get one or the other. In most mid-range and higher priced Highlanders the vehicle will be a 7-passenger with the roomy middle row.

2014 Highlander Improvement – Rear Glass
The new Highlander has added the old trick of being able to open just its rear glass. Anyone that has ever owned a vehicle with this feature will immediately recognize the usefulness. In most cases, the thing you want to grab from the back of the Highlander is light enough and small enough to quickly grab with one hand. Opening just the glass is quicker and easier than opening the complete maw of the tailgate. If your item is larger and bulkier, use the power function to open the entire hatch.


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$45,000 for a loaded highlander is a joke. very little safety tech, 6.1 inch nav screen. nothing really special about it terrible MPG how toyota has fallen
That is definitely one way to say it. Another way is that compared to some much smaller European vehicles it offers quite a bit of content for the money. The XLE is really the value spot. Thanks for commenting.