2013 Ford Escape Auto Lift tailgate

2013 Ford Escape will help customers stash and dash

Ford’s 2013 Escape is the California Closets of automobiles with cubbies and clever helpers.

The first Ford Escape was a crude excuse for a CRV. It drove like a truck in all the bad ways and had the fuel efficiency to match. The interior was no prize and Ford sold a bazillion of them. The new Ford Escape is light years more advanced in every single way. There are many reviews including here at TN, but this review will focus on the storage capabilities of this cute-ute.

2013 Ford Escape Coolest Feature
Starting with the coolest feature on the list is the automatic tailgate opener. It is activated when the driver approaches with the smart key in pocket and then waves a leg under the rear bumper. The rear gate unlocks and raises. Ford is not the only company with this technology and it will soon be on everything, but for now the Escape is the only SUV in the world with this cool feature. Ford also claims that the sensor can tell if the object is mom’s foot in an Ugg, or an animal (say a honey-badger) and it will only open for mom. This feature is optional on the Escape, but if you don’t get it every single friend and family member is going to want to see it and then you feel really dumb having not opted for it.


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