Texas highway feral hogs

Wild hogs pose dangerous threat on Texas' 85-mph highway

Texas police officials attributed four crashes to feral hogs on the highway's first night.

Motorists navigating Texas’ new 85-mph highway are encountering a surprising problem: wild hogs. According to Austin’s KXAN News, there were four collisions between hogs and cars reported on the very first night the road was open. Three of the crashes were in the Lockhart city limits, while the fourth occurred in Caldwell County. No serious injuries were reported, but one vehicle was totaled.

Lockhart Police Chief Michael Lummus explained the problem stating: "85-- they're on (the hogs) even before they know they're on them. Anyone that's ever struck a deer, they know that they're in the ditches and you don't see them until they're in front of you and it's the same with these (animals). But they're even lower (to the ground and hard to see)."

As for safety tips, Lummus encourages drivers to slow down at night, even though the speed limit is 85-mph. If a driver approaches a wild hog or any other animal on the highway, drivers should keep driving. “You’re better off if you hold your course and go through it where you have a good grip on the wheel," said Lummus.


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