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Toyota reaches its 1 millionth fan on FB, gives followers cheap gift

Toyota's "interactive gift" pales in comparison to the recent reward Fiat bestowed on its Facebook fans.

Toyota has just reached the one-millionth-fan mark today on its Toyota USA Facebook page and is rewarding fans with an interactive gift. In order to celebrate the milestone Toyota highlighted their diehard fanbase in multiple ways on the automaker’s Facebook page. Starting today, fans of Toyota will “own” the company’s Facebook page and be able to share anything they want with the automaker’s one million fans.

“Our fans helped us make Toyota’s Facebook page what it is today,” said Dave Nordstrom, vice president digital marketing. “We’re celebrating this milestone on one of the world’s largest social media channels by spotlighting our fans that got us here.”

Fans of Toyota have been encouraged to submit photos of themselves over the past few weeks to complete today’s big unveiling. Selected profile pictures were used to create a new masthead mosaic photo college on the automaker’s profile page. Fans have been also encouraged to submit any Toyota-related stories, which will be featured in graphs and timelines on Toyota’s Facebook page. The project is essentially an effort to celebrate the Facebook landmark through its customer’s perspective.


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How can this author say Toyota's efforts are "sloppy" and yet rave about a video created by Audi and Ferrari? I don't care about a video, and watching a professional racer do a burnout isn't exactly what I would call "interesting". Come on, Mr. Faccenda.
Lemme get this straight.. in order to celebrate its 1 millionth fan on Facebook, Toyota opened its fan page up to spammers? Wow, that's brilliant. :)