NJ driver's license smile ban

N.J. bans 'big smiles' in driver's license photos

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle commission contends that 'big smiles' confuse the state's newly implemented facial recognition system.

New Jersey drivers may soon be sporting a frown, because the New Jersey Motor Vehicle commission has issued a ban on motorists smiling in their driver’s license photos.

According to USA Today, the Garden State has banned drivers from making big smiles because they may interfere with the state’s new facial recognition software.

Despite going to effect in January, the restriction was mostly overlooked until earlier this week when 38-year-old Velvet McNeill made headlines contesting the new law. According to Philly.com, the Sicklerville resident stormed out of the Cherry Hill Motor Vehicle Commission office after she was told not to smile in her driver's license photo.

“Why should we all look like androids, looking mopey?” said McNeill to Philly.com. I know there are some people who don’t have good driver’s licenses, but I actually keep all mine.”


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They gonna outlaw bedhead, hangover eyes, and "if this stupid DMV wait takes any longer, I'm going postal" red-faced anger too?
So flipping off someone has been proven in court to be a form of free speech, smiling is definitely a way of speaking that your happy in a form of human body language. This law is a violation of free speech. if someone wants to smile they can. Who makes these decisions, who cares if it violates a face recognition software that shouldn't be in place in the first place. It starts with face recognition software, and already it turns into not being able to smile. Get your priorities straight law makers, this is embarrassing to even be a topic.
Ahhh yes Big Brother encroaching in all areas of our lives, even emotional reactions in the effort to "protect" us.