Nissan human skin interior

Nissan channels Ed Gein, developing baby skin-like upholstery

Just in time for Halloween, Nissan has announced that its researchers are currently creating a semi-aniline leather that feels like human skin.

It appears that Nissan’s design department is drawing its inspiration from the ghost of serial killer Ed Gein. For those who are unfamiliar, Gein, the inspiration for Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), was well know for fashioning objects out of his victim’s skin.

After much testing and analysis, researchers at Nissan have determined which texture feels the most comfortable to drivers and passengers: baby skin. Luckily for consumers, Nissan has opted to go the synthetic route.

Nissan reached it conclusion by examining how humans touch different surfaces and what textures are most pleasant to the touch. Dubbed Premium-feel Interior Concept, Nissan’s design program determined three major outcomes: the closer a texture is to finger-pad softness, the better it feels; the closer the surface is to a human fingerprint, the better it feels and the wider the finger contact, the better it feels.

The result of this research could be the industry’s first skin-like texture. Nissan is presently testing semi-airline leather with a fingerprint-type texture. According to the automaker, “This is a new material for armrests, which are in constant contact with hands. With the softness of a finger pad and a surface texture similar to a fingerprint, it creates the soft, comfortable feeling of baby skin.”


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Maybe I am just an odd duck, but I prefer car seats to feel like - car seats. I held a Camaro ZL-1 steering wheel and loved the fake suede though.