Lana Del Rey Jaguar

Lana Del Rey showcases the Jaguar F-Type in stylish new ad [Video]

The singer even created an exclusive track titled "Burning Desire" for the ad.

Jaguar certainly cemented its relationship with new spokeswoman Lana Del Rey this week. Not only did the “Born to Die” singer help the automaker launch its new F-Type coupe in Paris, she is also featured in the Jaguar’s newly released commercial introducing the all-new sports car. Jaguar announced Del Rey as its spokeswoman in late August, but the partnership had not come to fruition until now.

Jaguar’s new commercial is actually derived from a new short film titled “Burning Desire,” which is also the title of a new song by Del Rey. The commercial (available below) features Del Rey, an instrumental version of the song, and the stylish new F-Type. The commercial opens with the warning, “always obey your local speed limits,” which is followed by two professional drivers drag racing F-Type coupes on a mountainous roadside.


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