Infiniti Emerg-e

Infiniti Emerg-E hybrid suffers embarrassing break down at Goodwood Festival [Video]

Unfortunately for Infiniti, the event was caught on film by a spectator.

Chances are when Infiniti decided to unveil a working prototype of its Emerg-E plug in hybrid at Goodwood, they actually wanted it to work. Unfortunately for the luxury automaker, their Emerg-E prototype broke down during a routine vehicle-showcasing event in front of a group of spectators. The embarrassing event occurred at the 2012 Goodwood Festival of Speed in West Sussex, England. Adding insult to injury, the entire mishap was caught on film. It’s difficult to gauge the number of individuals in the crowd, but the figure is more or less irrelevant now that the clip has gone viral. Infiniti has yet to comment on the matter, but is surely investigating the incident.

Aside from being an upsetting moment for Infiniti, the event is also discouraging for Lotus, a British automaker. The Emerg-E is based on the Lotus Evora platform, a vehicle that is also appearing at Goodwood. Titled “Past, Present and Future,” this year’s Goodwood Festival features multiple Lotus vehicles showcasing the automaker’s rich history. Clive Chapman, son the Lotus founder Colin Chapman, was also in attendance this year.


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