Subaru Legacy

1996 Subaru Legacy spends three months underwater, starts on first try

Despite some obvious rust and likely odor, the owner has decided to hold on to the vehicle and continue driving it.

Have you ever wondered if your vehicle could survive a dip in the local lake? Although you’ve probably never thought about driving your car into a body of water (hopefully), wouldn’t you like to know whether your vehicle could survive the plunge? Well, the owner of a 1996 Subaru Legacy now knows the answer to this question. Three months ago, a Finnish man was driving his Subaru on the ice, while attempting to fish, and his vehicle fell through. The driver had time to turn the engine off and get his dogs out prior to the Subaru becoming submerged.

Fast-forward three months, the man’s Subaru was located, dragged out and returned to the original owner. Most would venture to guess that this vehicle would be a total loss right? Not this Subaru Legacy. The vehicle actually started on the first try after spending three months under 12 feet of water.


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I had a '96 Outback. Not surprised. The things was rugged. Just FYI, every one of the 3 Subies I owned needed an altternator vbefore 30K. One needed a completely new engine at 11K. Other than that, they were pretty reliable.