Terry Grant speeding in the Leaf

Nissan LEAF backs into the record books

The LEAF set the record for speeding in reverse at the Goodwood Festival of Speed thanks to stunt driver Terry Grant.

Nissan LEAF owners now have bragging rights beyond just the fact that their car is all electric. It's now a record holder for speed too!

This weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in Switzerland, professional stunt driver Terry Grant raced the Nissan LEAF into the record books - first setting, then beating his own record five times. He covered a distance of over a mile in the LEAF at a record-setting 55mph (average) in 1 minute and 37.02 seconds.

Sound unimpressive? Look at the photo of Grant setting a record. Notice he's doing it in reverse.

That's right. The records set were for speed over a 1.6km distance in reverse. Let's see you get your Mustang or Alfa Romeo to go 55 miles per hour in reverse. Go ahead, try it. Since most electric vehicles (EVs) like the LEAF have no gearing, they can go about as fast in reverse as they do forward.

Nevermind the impressive amount of control Grant had to have to keep the car straight for over a mile. Not once, but five times in total.



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Sweet i just got my Leaf looks like i have something to try and beat now :-)