Active Comfort visualized by Mercedes Benz

Mercedes wants you to "nap" while driving

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After hiring a bunch of experts with titles like "musicologist" and "sleep researcher," Daimler is working on finding new ways to make Active Comfort a way of life in our vehicles. Which includes power naps and personal fitness coaching in the car.

Daimler says this is "performance-enhancing comfort." I think I heard that in a television commercial once, and it wasn't for Daimler's "ED" either.

Let's take some time so you can let that bit of brilliance sink in before we continue. Get some Kleenexes. I know. It was awesome.

Mercedes was nice enough to try to visualize it for us in a picture. Let's analyze that. At the right, you'll see said picture. Here's what is going on: the gray-haired, middle-aged, otherwise healthy driver is sitting with a smirk on his face, ostensibly driving his personal piece of German engineering. One guy is putting a wet towel on his forehead while another fans him with a dainty paper fan. Behind him, someone is holding his shoulders to keep him erect while three arms offer him refreshments as if to say "relax, buddy, all this Dysfunction is in your head." What you can't hear is the radio, which is playing a song that goes something like "Relax, don't do it, when you wanna get to it.."


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