Mercedes-Benz B200 Natural Gas Drive breakaway

Mercedes-Benz introduces B200 Natural Gas Drive

Mercedes will be introducing a new B-Class family member as a B 200 Natural Gas Drive at the Paris Motor Show later this month.

While here in the U.S. the big Mercedes news is Arnold buying a Unimog, in Europe, they're being wowed with a new natural gas vehicle the company will be unveiling in Paris later this month.

The B200 Natural Gas Drive (NGD) is a B-class entrant that Mercedes-Benz will debut at the Paris Motor Show at the end of September. The hatchback is the same as its brethren in this popular line of "larger small cars" in Europe and uses the unique "ENERGY SPACE" configuration Mercedes has been working on for its multi-fuel option platforms. This allows the B200 to retain its cargo and passenger compartment characteristics and modular body components no matter the drive train being used. The B-class is offered as a petrol (gasoline) and diesel option and will now be offered in natural gas.

The B200 NGD is based on the petrol engine version and retains the same drive train components. The fuel tank, however, has been removed and replaced with three compressed methane tanks as shown in the cutaway above. A small 12-liter gasoline tank is also included as a backup precaution should the natural gas run dry.


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