Vauxall Ampera

GM miles from reality - UK bans Ampera (Volt) ad

General Motors has yet again come under fire for misleading advertising on the Volt, in this case the European version, the Ampera. The United Kingdom has banned an ad claiming the Ampera is capable of 360 miles of range.

General Motors' UK arm is Vauxhall, which markets the Ampera - the British version of the Volt. A new television advertisement for the Ampera has been banned by authorities in the United Kingdom as being misleading.

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (similar to the Federal Communications Commission in the U.S.) says that GM's claim that the Ampera is capable of 360 miles of range, but without qualifying that with how much is on battery power versus petrol, is misleading. The ad includes a disclaimer, but it is difficult to read and even less simple to decipher. It reads:

"Comparison based on electric vehicles and extended range electric vehicles driven electrically at all times, even when an additional power source is generating electricity."

The ASA says that the advertisement, which you can view below, gives consumers the impression that the Ampera is an electric car and that the claimed 360-mile range is on electricity alone. The ad is full of imagery of cables, batteries, and uses the slogan "Driving electricity further." The Daily Mail quotes the standards bureau as saying:

I'm sure I'll get plenty of hate mail form the Voltophiles over this one too.


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What they actually meant to say was that when it explodes, pieces of it can travel up to 360 miles.
when you drive it and see for yourself on any length of trip, 38-40mpg on the highway combined because the electric goes only about 25 miles and then you run on gas. you say 40K for a IPOD rip off interior and gas milage and space that makes a Focus look big, I think I would take the cheaper car and and get my savings in the front.