Overhaulin Velocity interview

Chip Foose and Overhaulin returning to TV

The popular auto restoration design show Overhaulin, featuring restoration legend Chip Foose, will be returning to cable television this fall on Velocity part of the Discovery Network.

Premiering October 2, the new Overhaulin' will star designer Chip Foose alnog with returning co-stars Chris Jacobs and Jessi Combs, a fabrication and restoration expert in her own right and star of Velocity's All Girl Garage.

The new Overhaulin' will emphasize the human stories behind the restoration with this year's projects including cars from returning war veterans, people losing everything because of the economy, and more. As with the original, each auto restoration will become a life-changing surprise and alteration for the unknowing owner.

Overhaulin is a favorite show amongst car lovers because it features both design and restoration legend Chip Foose and the human element, focusing on people in need and how something as simple as a "stolen" car suddenly being returned to them fully restored can alter their lives for the better. In candid camera style, the show shows us how one vehicle, often sitting rusting in a garage, can bring a family together, become a moving piece of art to commemorate a loved one, or positively change the direction of someone's life.


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I enjoy the storys on overhauling. I think the ones that would touch the most of the viewers would be the struggling family that has a car with 160 thousand miles and can't afford to buy a new car. My daughter is a good example as she waits to see if her job will be full time or not. To refirbish her car will be god sent and it would be a true middle class story that shows how hard you have to work here in florida to keep moving foward. A new ride is something West Coast Customs did for a viewer on a raffel type event. It was kool seeing the father complete a restore with their help. Thank You Dawns Dad