2013 Ford Fusion EcoBoost engine

Auto Start-Stop option to be $295 on 2013 Ford Fusion

During a technology forum held on Google+ Hangouts, Ford highlighted the new Auto Start-Stop option that will be available on the 2013 Fusion, along with specifics about the technology and a recent survey commissioned by Ford regarding energy savings and fuel efficiency. The results may surprise some eco-enthusiasts.

One of Ford's best-selling models is the Fusion mid-sized sedan. The outgoing 2012 model is sold with a couple of engine options as well as a hybrid. For 2013, the Fusion will have five powertrain options, including two EcoBoost engines, a Hybrid, and two standard (naturally aspirated) engines. One option it will also include will be the inclusion of Ford's new Auto Stop-Start technology.

The 2013 Fusion with the 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine option will also offer Auto Stop-Start for only $295 more. With or without this addition, the mid-sized sedan with that engine will achieve 37 miles per gallon (estimated) on the highway - numbers as good as the competing Toyota Camry Hybrid, which sells for a higher hybrid premium.


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