Acura NSX Super Bowl commercial screenshot

Acura NSX Blitzing the Super Bowl

Acura has unveiled its Super Bowl ad for the Super Bowl this weekend, featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno in two minutes of humor.

What do Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno have in common outside of comedy and gray hair? They both want to be the first customer to get an Acura NSX. At least, according to Acura's new commercial featuring the two superstar comedians, that's how it is. The extravagant 2 minute ad features the two while the car itself gets only a few seconds of screen time. Of course, it's a Super Bowl ad, so it's either got to feature Britney Spears and a lot of dancing or wackiness that may or may not reference the product being sold. Spears was booked, so they went with option B.

Good choice, it turns out. The commercial, titled Transactions, pits Seinfeld against lucky Customer #1 who gets the first Acura NSX to roll off the line. Hoping to win him over and buy the privilege, Seinfeld offers nutty item after item in an ever-growing list of far-fetched buyouts. He ultimately wins him over only to be thwarted by arch rival Leno, whose name he repeats in the signature "Newman" line from the long-running, hit TV series bearing Jerry's name.


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