Walking Dead contest for Shane's Hyundai Tucson

Win the Hyundai Tucson Shane Drives in The Walking Dead

The wildly popular AMC show, The Walking Dead is giving away the Hyundai Tucson that Shane drives while fleeing the brain-eating zombies that have infiltrated the world – or at least the Southeastern United States.

A quick recap might be in order. As recounted in an earlier TorqueNews Walking Dead story, Shane, a deputy sheriff, decides he wants to split off from the ragtag group looking for life after the Zombie apocalypse that is the thrust of The Walking Dead. He comes across a Hyundai Tucson abandoned among scores of other vehicles and decides it will be perfect transportation, especially after it starts right up in spite of seating from what must be months. Even better, the stereo works just fine.

Sure, all he can pick up are robotic Emergency Broadcast Service messages, but he's in luck if he can find some CDs lying around. Plus with all those other abandoned vehicles sitting around (because the owners all are toast), he's not going to have to pay for gas.


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I love this show it's really good . I would love to drive the Hyundai .Especialy this Tucson it's a really cool looking car . I tried to buy the Kia , but my credit was bad . So this would be awesome if I won this Hyundai .
My husband and I have lost our jobs ,in so doing our other vehicle was repoed.Now we are down to our old 98 Jeep Grande Cherokee with two kiddos still at home and them needing something decent to drive...MMM?Yeah.Id love to win that sweet little ride!Where do we go to enter?
I recently rented this car it is awsome! LOVE IT it drives great hats off to the people that designed this car ! I would sooooo! happy If I won this car .Today is my birthday this would be my wonderfulgift just for me LOL.The color of this car is great.Happy New Years everyone be safe and blessed.