Cadillac CTS Wagon fastest selling 2012 model

A Station Wagon Like Cadillac CTS Flies Fastest Off Dealer Lots

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The fastest-selling 2012 vehicle, based on days on the lot before they sell, is, of all things, a station wagon, according to a report posted by on its blog.

Granted, it's probably one of the best station wagons currently on the planet, but it's still interesting to see the 2012 Cadillac CTS Wagon as the fastest selling 2012 model on deal lots with a current two days in inventory before it sells, according to

The average days on dealer lots was 45 days, according to The vehicle that takes the longest to sell is the Nissan NV, a commercial van, at 94 days, followed by the Fiat 500 at 81 days.

Now common sense would tell us that the CTS Wagon is a specialty product that is most likely only ever sold through direct orders. We can't imagine too many Cadillac dealers stocking them for casual buyers but it's still amazing to see them turn so quickly. Sign us up for a Cadillac CTS-V station wagon when our Lotto numbers hit.

Special orders probably also explains why the Hyundai Equus comes in second on the list at just four days in inventory before being sold. It, like the CTS Wagon, is a niche vehice but its sales have been strong.


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I love seeing that Cadillac is doing well, especially selling the CTS Sport Wagon. I love it and want to see them on the road more frequently. Can you report what area of the country/state's are selling them well? Can't wait to drive the ATS - awesome ride!