Pontiac G8 Coming Back to Life as a Chevy

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MotorTrend.com is reporting that three GM sources have confirmed that the Pontiac G8, a rear-wheel drive sports sedan that packed a V8 engine under its hood, is being resurrected as a Chevrolet in the United States from the Holden Commodore, the Australian GM subsidiary. The new Chevy lacks a name, according to Motor Trend.

Pontiac G8 a Great Sports Sedan

The first thing to stress is don't confuse the Pontiac G8 with the Pontiac GTO that preceded it by a couple of years. The Pontiac GTO was rightly nicknamed the Goat. It was a horrible car. The Pontiac G8, last available here as a 2009 model before Pontiac's demise, was a rear-wheel drive sedan that harkened back to the glory days of the ‘60s when Detroit was pumping out classic hot rods.

According to MotorTrend.com, three GM sources have confirmed the Australian-built sedan will re-appear on the U.S. market as a Chevy in the coming year. And it won't be called Impala. "We have a good name for it," smiled one of the sources. [What do you think a good name for the Pontiac G8 would be as a Chevy? – Comment below.]


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