Derek Joyce from Hyundai fills up Tucson FCV

12 Things Good and Bad About the Hyundai Tucson FCV

Hyundai introduced the Tucson Fuel Cell Vehicle at a simple first customer ceremony and media drive event in Tustin, California, and after some time behind the wheel and talking to the experts, it's safe to say there are good and bad things about this new vehicle.

GOOD: The United States has the first-ever retail Hyundai Tucson FCV delivery in the world. It's built in Korea but we beat out Asia and Europe for bragging rights.

BAD: You can only lease it as discussed in our previous story, 5 Facts About the Tucson SUV and you can only drive it in Southern California because there aren't enough fuel cell stations anywhere else – including Northern California.

GOOD: Unlike a traditional electric vehicle, there is no range anxiety. You can get 265 miles from a full tank and refill in less than 10 minutes. Based on EPA numbers, you get about 380 miles from a gas Tucson model at a combined 25 mpg in the 15.2 gallon tank.

BAD: It's expensive until Hyundai puts a lot of money on the table. Hyundai Motors America president and CEO Dave Zuchowski said the Tucson FCV costs $49,999. A similarly equipped gas model costs about $27,000. Hyundai sweetens the pot with a $499 per month lease after $2999 down and free fuel for the three years of the lease. Otherwise, at this point, it makes no fiscal sense to drive a Tucson FCV.

GOOD: Its fuel economy is strong at 51 miles-per-gallon equivalent on the highway. The gas version gets 29 mpg on the highway when equipped with the six-speed automatic.


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