Placing value on a collectable in order to restore or not

To Restore Or Not Restore Your Precious Car

Spring is here, sunshine is coming back and whether your car is 5 years old or 70, the itch to restore it comes back to haunt you.

Spring time is here at last, although it might not necessarily show where you are, the signs are clear. By now, you’ve been to your garage or looked at that car you park on the street noticing the blemishes and more. You start toying with the idea: “To restore or not to restore… that is the question!”

5 To 75 Years Old. Regardless your car is 5 years old of 70, the question of restoring a car always comes up and the answer is not an easy one. Even after 5 years, your modern car will experience wear and tear. That dashboard doesn’t look as clear and beautiful as it once was, and those blemishes and scratch here and there have been tolerated too long. The next thing is to figure out if it warrants a restoration?


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