A Mazda rotary engine plug-in hybrid due out next year

Mazda Says Yes To Rotary Plug-in Hybrid For 2013

Another one to join the fray of hybrid and plug-in hybrids is Mazda. Although the company is not abandoning its rotary engine, it hopes to use it efficiently in a plug-in hybrid layout.

Mazda has always made great handling cars and has always been an oddity as one of the last carmaker to insist on the Wankel rotary engine to move some of its cars. The engine has come a long way from its humble German origins and now boasts better and better efficiency. Coupling it to a plug-in hybrid platform makes the most sense.

Tweaked Output Rotary. The rotary engine is not know for the phenomenal torque, but is better suited to handle are constant low rpm. In this effect, a rotary engine is a natural for a plug-in hybrid platform. It even has the added advantage of being able to handle many types of fuel, including hydrogen. Could Mazda finally be hedging out its rotary engine development for future use with alternative energy cars? It would seem so.

A Mazda PHEV For 2013. The news is out, according to Takashi Yamanouchi, the Japanese automaker’s Representative Director and Chairman of the Board, President and CEO has announced the use of its rotary engine with a plug-in hybrid for 2013. But Mazda is still not letting go of gasoline-powered car and says a next-gen rotary sports car isn’t out of the question for now.


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This rocks hard enough to be included in Ozzfest. Very cool news from Mazda. Plus, it means we get to keep saying "Wankel Rotary Engine". Comon, say it without a smirk. Keep tryin'.. Ya, you can't do it either.
I know, can't stop using it Wankel Rotary Wank&%...