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Cars Without Keys: Fobs And Fads

The last decade has seen a rise in keyless car entrance and push buttons start devices. Is it revolutionary or simple gimmick?

Racing cars don’t have keys. You push, you pull or use another equally effective way to start the engine. Practically all early cars had some sort of such devices to get the engine going. Once cars became a hot commodity, they attracted people stealing and thus doors adorned keyholes. But locked doors are child’s game for robbers. Then came the ignition key system to start a car. Without it, you couldn’t get it going. While this was a safety feature, racecars never had to deal with this.

Modern Cars Are Cool. In the late nineties, exotic car started introducing sometimes intelligent designs, sometimes not so much, bordering on PR hype. While paddle shifting a Ferrari raised eyebrows, it was also fun to drive a Ferrari gonzo in canyons only using two hands and your right foot. With it, came also the entry keyless fob. Now, you didn’t need to have that car key ready in your hand, the car would detect your proximity and unlock itself for your entrance. But as John Voelker points out is that it can also come with a blatant security flaw.


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They're extremely convenient. Therefore, they'll become standard equipment eventually. The solution to your problem is simple: if the keyfob is not within close range of the car and the engine/interior is warm/cooled, shut the car off automatically. They already do this if the car is driven away from the keyfob (stolen).
The answer is simple, a software tweak should do it but the article hints at automation makes us forgetful. To be honest, I don't care whether I push a button or twist a key to start a car. I do care in the increasing number of people texting and doing strange things in cars, like not paying attention and other spatial challnged related problems that seem to stem from over-automotaion. You have to let people realize that they are driving a multi-ton engine. Software automation is crucial but not to the detriment of paying attention.
There's an app for that.. :)
There's an app for everything. Wasn't that you who posted young Luke Skywalker's iPhone LifeSaber with a gazillion apps on it yesterday on FB?
It was Obiwan with an iPhone for a light saber and an Android Samsung for a shield. I didn't post it, I just liked it. :)