Honda is back engineering great cars again

Honda Applies Its Engineering To Modern Hybrid And Pure Electric

Honda is squarely back doing what it does best, engineering great cars. I drove its Accord Plug-In Hybrid and Fit EV to prove it.

The Honda we respected is back, shifting its engineering to produce exotic alternative energy propulsion systems. If the test drives of the Honda Fit EV and the Accord PHEV are anything to judge, Honda is on the right road again and is building on past success. After all, Honda is an engineering automobile company and is now turning its sight away from chasing futile market shares to focusing on what it does best. And great engineering is the word of day.

Zesty Fit EV. My original Fit EV drive back in September left feeling ambiguous about the car. If it has plenty of zest with enough get up and go, but it’s front drivetrain needs more work before matching the gasoline version. The three driving modes are excellent. Eco for normal everyday traffic driving and you have that generous 20 kWh battery pack carry you well into the 100 mile range zone. Put it in Sport mode and its 92kW high-density coaxial electric motor beats its gasoline version from 106 lb-ft of torque to 189, a healthy a 77% increase.


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