Lightning strikes another win at Le Mans with Duhamel

Electric Motorcycle Team Lightning Wins Le Mans With Duhamel

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Lightning just won’t stop its stellar climb to the top of the podium with a stunning Le Mans win. International motorcycle racer Miguel Duhamel joins the team.

Miguel Duhamel has officially joined the team and thanked them with a first-place win at the Le Mans TTXGP/FIM e-Power International Championship this week in France. Duhamel finished the race in just eight laps clocking in at 1:49.200. Duhamel ran the fastest bike on the track at yesterday’s practice round, 1.634 seconds faster than the next closest bike.

Barracuda-Lightning & Duhamel. After the Barracuda-Lightning team devised a battery management strategy to win the race, it was up to Duhamel to bring that race strategy to a winning end. But Duhamel, the former AMA Pro American SuperBike Champion and five-time Daytona 200 winner strategically joined the team when Michael Barnes was unable race due to other commitments in order to lead yet again Lightning to another win. With 32 race victories under his belt, Duhamel and his second all-time AMA SuperBike record is a natural for electric motorcycle racing.


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Simply amazing. I'm been riding electric motorcycles four years - the progress in technology that I've seen in that time is remarkable. Once these things are mass produced and come down in price I'm sure they'll be everywhere.