The Chinese automobile market continues its growth

Electric Chinese Market Anticipation Keeps On Rising

It would be fair to say all eyes are on the Chinese’s exploding automobile market and the country’s aggressive outlook has been tweaked again in order to meet anticipated future demand.

The Middle-Kingdom. China is a unique country and has puzzled experts in the past. As unfathomable it may be at times, a salivating international automobile industry is poised to make its imprint on this new market. But while the country has done a lot to catch up in a very short amount of time, its business projections have not materialized. Sounds familiar? The West hasn’t faired better. It’s all a question of numbers and China is working on it.

China, The Automobile Market Prodigy. The Chinese government has announced by the State Council on Monday that it reviewed its original ambitious goals and is now aiming to produce and sell 500,000 energy efficient and alternative energy vehicles a year by 2015. That’s 3 years away from now and if on target, the country could have 5 million energy efficient vehicles on the road a year by 2020, which gives us 2 million pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. So are these numbers more accurate than the last set?

With generous subsidies to manufacturers and buyers of future generation of greener vehicles, the State Council said the government would invest in core technologies needed to build a strong and globally competitive new-energy vehicle industry. Ultimately, consumers decide regardless of what governments want.


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