3,000 in Africa using nothing but local electricity

3,000 Miles In Africa On Electricity

The Odyssey has begun as Xavier Chevrin tackles yet another daring project, this time to cross 3,000 miles in the heart of Africa with an electric car.

Xavier Chevrin is no stranger to stretching electric car range with his multiple adventures. He rode an electric scooter from Paris, France to Almaty in Kazakhstan in 2008. As if that wasn’t enough, two years later he then decided to set the record for the longest distance traveled in an electric vehicle by taking a Venturi-powered electric Citroën Berlingo van from Shanghai in China to Paris. The 8,326 miles escapade according to sources cost less than $200 dollars for the whole trip. So why not tackle an African adventure from Nairobi to Johannesburg, a mere distance of slightly under 3,000 miles covered in about six weeks. Xavier will charge the vehicle along the way, discovering the local sites along the way.


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Amazing to think this is being attempted with no alternative back-up whatsoever. Not even a small solar panel if all else fails!!!