2013 Ford C-MAX Energi

Win a Ford C-MAX Energi in contest showcasing energy efficiency technology

Energy efficient appliances and automobiles, like the Ford C-MAX Energi, both save money and reduce your environmental impact.

In a new MyEnergi Lifestyle event, Ford has launched a contest that aims to demonstrate how typical American families can enjoy energy and cost savings through an energy-efficient lifestyle. The top prize in the contest is a package including a Ford C-MAX Energi, efficient appliances from Whirlpool and Eaton, and SunPower solar panels.

The MyEnergi Lifestyle retrofit is being kicked off by Katie Couric on her show, 'Katie'. The contest opens now and runs through June 9, with winners announced later in the summer.

The contest brings together leaders in the home appliance, renewable energy and power management industries. The prizes in the contest all result in energy efficiency gains, either in the home or on the road. Whether it's an efficient appliance or an efficient car, the result in both case is that you achieve the same result, whether it's clean clothes or a daily commute, while expending less energy.


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