2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in

Toyota Prius Plug-in outselling both Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt first six months

The Toyota Prius Plug-in has been on sale for 6 months, and has outsold the first six months of the Leaf and Volt sales, while offering some advantages, wrapped in a car that is already familiar to many.

In its first six months of production availability, Toyota says the Prius Plug-in has racked up some powerful statistics, and customer acceptance. The plug-in hybrid version of the popular Prius has not only outsold the first six months of Nissan Leaf (3,875 units) and Chevy Volt (2,745 units) sales, but is getting positive reviews.

According to Toyota, in its first six months of available 6,061 Toyota Prius Plug-in's have been sold. The company expects September to be another strong month, with special lease and APR offers available. This is a faster sales growth than either the Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt and the initial sales volume of both vehicles. What we have pointed to in examining Leaf and Volt sales growth is that both outsold the initial sales of the Gen 1 Toyota Prius. Today, the Prius is past the initial adoption curve, and is already a popular vehicle on the market. On the other hand, the Leaf and Volt are still in their initial adoption phase and working on gaining traction in the market.


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Misleading article. The Prius plug in was available nationwide right away while the 1st year the Volt was only available in 4 states and didn't get rolled out nationwide till Nov 2011, almost a full since it launch. How is it doing head to head during it's first 6 months????? Looks like volt sold more every month.. Another anti Volt article. Let's race that volt vs prius dog. Volt blows the prius away..
The Prius plug-in is not available nationwide. Only in states that mandate. The Prius plug-in will not be available nation wide until the spring of next year.
I like the Volt and it's one of GM's best offerings but don't forget the Volt requires premium fuel unlike the Plug In Prius. For me the Plug in Prius was the better choice but each consumer needs to assess which option is best for them -
I own a 2012 prius v and i on a 2012 volt love both vehicles.I get 54 to 57 mpg in town.49 to 51 highway.On the prius.I get 45 to 50 miles on each charge with the volt. have used no gas in volt in the time i on it. 5 months. Volt is the best.more power much better ride. Better electronics.
Premium fuel yes...but u use less. I fill my tank every 6 months. And volt is happy with 91. Volt wins. And it drives so much better than a prius. Its actually is fun. Volt wins.
Premium fuel yes...but u use less. I fill my tank every 6 months. And volt is happy with 91. Volt wins. And it drives so much better than a prius. Its actually is fun. Volt wins.
Having spent the last month unsuccessfully trying to get Ford to warranty the failed hybrid battery cooling system of my 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid (only 140,000 km), I will never buy another vehicle from Ford. If they will not proudly stand behind the vehicles that they make, then purchasing the CMAX would be like burning my money. I have no faith that Ford has the technological ability to properly engineer and build a vehicle of this complexity and ABSOLUTELY no trust that they will support the customers who buy it when it will inevitably fail. I purchased the Toyota Prius V and sleep easy knowing that this amazing vehicle contains the legendary Toyota quality and that Toyota's respect for its customers will alleviate any concerns if they do arise. Don't buy a Ford hybrid...you will regret it! Are you listening Ford?
I drive my LEAF to work almost every day and I haven't bought a drop of gas for it since buying it 10 months ago. I spend about 3 cents a mile, which is great! Range anxiety makes me use my other car (an old Prius) when I'm going far, but that's ok. I love the LEAF and I hope more people try it. When I do need a new "long-range" vehicle, I'd like to get a new Prius plug-in since it seems to have better milage when it uses gas... along with the ability to charge from the garage charger I already have. As a long-range alternative to my LEAF, I wish the Volt had better "with-gas" mileage and had a back seat for 3 and used cheaper gas. If those three things were improved, I'd buy it instead.